We are deeply connected to our projects and begin each job researching interior inspirations & materials that relate to our client’s interests and style. After an initial client meeting we are able to pull together various imagery and initial samples that speak to the project as a whole. We work directly with the clients, architects and contractors exchanging ideas and getting to know the overall scope of work in order to create an interior that is custom and connected to the client.


We refine the conceptual phase next by laying out architectural plans that relate to our overall design intent. We create detailed floor plans showing any architectural renovations indicating furniture and electrical and eventually room elevations in CAD showing cabinetry design and tile layout. We often use interior sketches to translate ideas that need a visual reference and collaborate with the client, contractors and architects during the design development phase until the concept is refined. During this time materials are selected and we advance color schemes forward to really get a sense of what the project is going to look like. We work closely with our clients to source all interior finishes that not only relate to the design concept but how it works with our furnishings, fabrics and decorative lighting.


This is our favorite phase of the project when we see our design concept come together. After the delivery of the furniture we accessorize each room with a combination of decorative objects and lighting we purchased along with some of our clients personal items such as art to finalize the overall vision and highlight our curatorial spirit to the special individualized home.